Saturday, June 12, 2010

Commonwealth Games

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This time I am with my view on upcoming Commonwealth Games and it's preparations.
As you all know that we will host the Commonwealth Games this year and it will be in Delhi. It's really make us proud. Our government is doing good but it has to do a lot in very little time.

Let's know about Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a group of such countries who were parts of British Rule. It's means that this game is a good platform for British to remember us that we were their slaves.

When Queen Elizabeth lights the Commonwealth Torch, the process starts. After that this torch goes to each and every country where the British ruled and last it comes to the destination where Games has to be done. I think its totally wrong. I am not against of Commonwealth Games but i am against of the total process.

It's 2010 and we are free from more than 60 years. We are the fastest growing country so why we do this. We are not depend on the British then why we accept it easily. Recently I heard that Queen Elizabeth has canceled her program to come here for opening ceremony. They tells that in India security is not good and we accept it. But when you examine it then we can find that the base of Terrorism is the partition of India. How can we forget that these British give us Pakistan as a curse.

Lets see the preparation for it in Delhi. Government is doing a lot but it gives us extra economical pressure. We have to pay more for same. Only 30 to 40 percent of work has done. We have very little time and we have to do a lot. And I am worry about it. But sure the government will do it because we pay them a lot for it. Delhi has became very expensive for the Mango people. Mrs. C.M. says that she will make Delhi like Paris and I say that it will be as expensive as Paris.

So Its my humble request to the Government to make sure that our money is spending in proper way.

And at Last, Best of luck to all Players, and hope they will make us pride.

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  1. hey our govt is spending lot of money on common wealth games but the money v give to our govt is not going in right direction, v need to check upon this that our money is utilized in right dad is handling accounts of common wealth games so he knows how the money is being spent & where?
    he has worked very hard for these games to be a success,even day & nite for it.i have missed my dad a lot in these past few months as he was not there.he was so badly busy with his work so that there is nothing left in showing us the common wealth games on tv as its not possible for every1 to see it live.i know that govt is not doing their work on time and later on will not be satisfied with their work but still we should support the govt in whatever sense v can so that other countries are proud of us.lets make these games a success.

    wishing all Indians a good luck