Friday, May 6, 2011

just wanna b with u.... :(

as the rains continue to batter, 
standing on the balcony 
i watch the rain drops 
converge into one pool of water;

i wish you were here 
standing next to me 
in this rain soaked night, 
holding hands, scheming of things pretty;

Wondering to myself, so late at night, 
what is it that attracts me to you? 
Thinking to myself, why are you always on my mind? 
What power do you have in what you do?

thinking about where i stood, 
i try to push you out of my mind, 
but every time i push you out of my thoughts, 
you crawl back into my world and fill my senses;

it’s so hard to keep smiling 
and continue denying what i feel 
i don’t know why, 
a thousand reasons i have none;

i can’t go on like this, 
i can’t pretend everything is fine, 
when i just wanna be with you  
hold you tight tonight and every night;