Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Independence Day.... :)

Hi all,

First of all, here I am wishing a very Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians.

Today, as we are celebrating 65th Independence Day of our country. I am not going to tell you that how we got this and how it happened. Because it is too old topic and we all know that all story from our childhood. 

I want to share my opinion about this Independence. When, we became independent 65 years back, our freedom fighters had no any idea about this time and the circumstances and the hurdles of today’s India. That time they have only one thought in their mind was freedom. They thought that our India will be what they want to make it. 

But today we are facing a lot of hurdles and the biggest one is CORRUPTION. Today, if you have any work with government offices, most of the government employees or person who is responsible for common men issues, wants something to do your work. I never say that all are corrupt but as per my view if you are not against this big issue that means you are supporting this. 

Today our prime minister and the Government of India is not approving the anti corruption bill and busy to hide their own faults. A Prime Minister who is the face of more than one million proud Indian, don’t taking any issue seriously. He seems like an actor who has to act as the director tells him. I think he should show him some self respect and take decision by his own.

I am worry about vision 2020, could we get it in this situation. We all have to wake up now. Let’s take an oath that we will never be a part of corruption. This is what we can do for our country as a common man.

Actually, this is a very big issue and I am not as mature to comment on this but I will do what I can for my motherland. I’ll not be a part of any anti-social or anti-nation activity like corruption and all. I’ll do my best and hope you are also thinking like this.

Time for full stop and before that I wish that India may achieve its goal of VISION 2020.

Ravi Keshri
A Proud Indian


  1. Happy independence day !!!
    u have pointed out grave concerns of our society.