Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why This Happens To Me....?

It was all started with a simple phone call. It was midnight in December when I got few blank calls on my phone. When I called back, she picked and the conversation went like this :-

Me: Hello!! Kaun?
She: pehchaniye, bhul gaye itni jaldi?
Me: maaf kariyega main aapko nahi pehchan pa raha hun, achha hoga aap naam bata dijiye, aur agar nahi batana to bhi thik hai.. good night for now…
She: abhi hi good night?
(I checked time, it was 12:30AM)
Me: haan, mujhe kal office bhi jana hai..
(I disconnected the phone)

I was trying to sleep but couldn’t, I was trying to figure out, who was she.. I am not that type of guy who can ever got a phone call from a girl in mid-night. So, I finally assumed that it was some prank, and I slept.

I woke up in the morning and followed my daily routine, went to office come back in the evening, took my dinner and went to bed. I was almost forgotten or you can say ignored that call. But again I got call from same number. All time I was figuring out, who she was. For next 4 nights, I got call from her but she never told me her name.

It was Sunday; I was online on facebook and got ping by my cousin from Patna. After formal talk he asked me, if I am getting any call from a girl. I was shocked, how did he knew. When I asked he told me that she is her girlfriend and she lives in Noida. He also told me that they had some bet over me if I fall in this trap or not. He also told me not to tell her about this.

But that night, when she called me, she told me all things and said sorry. She even told me her name “Divya”. When I asked her what was the need to tell me now? She told that after talking to me she realized that I am a good guy and it would be not fair to play with my feelings.

We continued our late night calls and even when I used to at work got a call from her. We talked about everything from food to work to sex. Every time when I talked her she always mentioned my cousin’s name. She also repeatedly talked to my cousin and used to tell her everything we talked.

One day we planned to meet at GIP, Noida. I had never seen her before so was thinking how would she look and would I be comfortable with her or not. All mixed emotions were running in my mind. She came with her friend. She was an average looking girl, but for me it was ok.
We spent approx 4 hrs in World of Wonder (an amusement park). All time she talked about my cousin and how was her long distance relationship going with him.

When she was about to go she hugged and kissed me on my chick. J After that so called date, we were continuously in touch but her relation with my cousin was not going well. I talked to my cousin and explain him everything that I have no feeling for her and neither has she.

Whenever we talked I asked her a question, why she talked to me instead my cousin, and she always replied me that it felt good to her. In starting I was not in mood of any relationship, coz I have suffered it 2 years back when I was in one sided love with my classmate and best friend Anamika.

This time I didn’t want to be in the same situation, but unfortunately some feelings for her in my heart appeared.

Now she was being my habit, I always used to check my phone for her call and messages. I realized, before it get worse I should get rid of this habit. I had started showing my bad face, asking her to come over my place and ignoring her. Don’t get me wrong but I just wanted to create a bad picture of me so that she stops calling me. But nothing worked.

I also told her not to talk to me and give time to my cousin and their relationship. But she never stoped calling me.

But today after ignoring her more than 50 calls and messages, I called her up. The conversion went like this –

She: hello, ab call kyun kiya? Kya samajhte ho apne aap ko? Mujhse baat kyun nahi kar rahe..
Me: dekho Divya ! galat mat samjho but main tumse baat nahi kar sakta..
She: kyun kya ho gaya hai tumko ab?
Me: main dubara se one sided relationship me nahi panda chahta? Main tumse attach hone laga tha,           tum meri aadat banti ja rahi thi..
She: tum mujhse baat karke khush rahoge?
Me : pata nahi lekin tumse baat karte karte agar tumhe chahne laga to phir na main khush rahunga   na tum. Tum kisi aur ki ho ye mujhe pata hai to phir bekar me main kyun aaun buch me..
She: tum kya chahte ho?
Me: main chahta hun kit um khush raho, main khush rahun aur tum jisko chahti ho wo bhi khush rahe.
She: tumhekya pata ki main kaise khush rahungi?
Me: tum uske sath hi khush rahogi.. koshish karo mujhe na phone karne ki.
She: wo main nahi karungi.. I will call you, its your wish you answer me or not.. !!
Me: please…
She: bye… !

As I am writing this post, I have ignored her 15th call…

What should I do?
Have I done anything wrong??
Was it my mistake to answer her call in first place??