Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Life in Delhi

Hello………. Friends

My very first blog in front of you.
Before writing it I thought a lot about what should write. But as I before told you that this is my first blog so I am writing about my days in Delhi from that day when I came here with a lot of dreams and a small heart which full of joy.
Before it I was little afraid about my future and of course about fast life of Delhi. But when I reached here and put my first step on the land of Delhi I felt a very strange energy in me it was the energy of my dreams and blessings of my parents. After that I never fill that I am alone in this city. This city is as own as Patna. Now this is also accepting me.
Oh sorry guys I know that you are thinking that “ye kya paka raha hai yaar!!!!! “ so now let’s come to the point… I was telling about my days in Delhi. Delhi is so crowded people of this city are disciplined. They know how anyone can get success. Many people who doesn’t belongs or not get introduce with this city think that people of this city are not social, but as per my thinking is concern people of this city are professional and want to grow. They have no time they’ve to a lot of work.
Well, I reached Delhi on 3rd October 2009. After a month I continue my class in NIIT. In class I got some friend those are unforgettable till my last breath. I would like to call their names. Those are Nishat Jahan, Anamika Singh, Vikash, Vishal, Ritu Raj, Shefali and more.
Those was my wonderful time of my life. Although, now my classes are over and I am doing job so it’s little difficult to meet them but I am sure I’ll never forget them. Thanks to all of them by heart b’coz if they were not being with me, my life couldn’t be as smooth as today.

Ok….. Bye

Rest in Next….


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