Monday, May 31, 2010

Friendship................ My LifeLine....

Friendship..... Life's most beautiful gift for me. 

I think if it is true that parents gives us life then it is also true that friends tell us how to live.

For me, if family is as important as lifeline then friends are important as breath.

Life gives friend to every one at every step of life. Sometimes some stranger become your friends and you get that you know them from past.

I also get a lot friends in my life...Some are still with me and some are not. But i never forget.

Because, I know that remembrance is the second name of Friendship. At a step of your lifeyou don't have time to make a call or meet together. But, if you remember your friend them from heart your friendship still stands with you always.

Friendship means sharing each n every moments of life. Today, when science have made the world world smaller. So, you cannot live far from them. I think it makes our friendship stronger.

Few days ago, i read a news that Sachin Tendulkar helped his friend who were suffering. After a long while of distance, They are friends from childhood but life create a distance between them. But, Sachin Sir never forget his friend and helped him when he need. It shows that You can get a lot success in your life and you should....but if you have some true friends you will never forget them. Friendship is like a spot where you can celebrate your success and enjoy your life.

And i am very lucky that life has give me such wonderful gifts like friends to me and all are true.

That's why, I can say that I'll never forget you all. Thanks a lot to being my friends and hope you'll stands whole life with me..

If, I don't call or send a Message to you it's not mean that i forget you..You all are breath of my life so how can i forget you. If i do so, i'll not alive.

So forget my all mistakes and stay with me till my last breath...... If you want to let me alive then stay with me always.

Thanks a lot... Bye


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