Sunday, June 6, 2010

Delhi..... From my Eyes

Hello friends,
Back…….. once again. This time with some different thought and topic. As you know that I live in Delhi. I am in Delhi from not a long time, but now I understand it better.
Delhi, our national capital and a historic and tourist place. You can see a lot of historical building as well as modern. Now you will say that Are yaar ye to hum bhi jante hain. I know that every people of the world know it. And I am not telling you about it. But I want to introduce Delhi from my point of view.

Delhi, An international city with a title of a capital of nation. You all know that Delhi is a centre of power from ancient history. It has all qualities to be a national capital. If we compare from all three major city to it, we found that Delhi has a lot of good qualities. If we talk about Mumbai, the economic capital of India. It controls our economical infrastructure but some people want to make Mumbai different from whole country. They say that Mumbai is only for Marathi. But I want to ask them only one question that if government make Mumbai separate from all other part of country, will they survive. How they will eat all foods which only grown in north India? Their life line local trains will be affected because there is no any factory of railway in Mumbai. And in Chennai and Kolkata the language is a very big concern. But Delhi is one of the unique cities of India. You can see people from different part of country live here peacefully and it should be. If any town which marked as national capital should be open for all people of the country. Delhi is like a small India. People from every part of our country can see here. And due to an international town, you can see a lot of foreigner who live here. When I was came here and join NIIT I found a lot of students from many parts of the world study here. It makes us proud, when many Indians go to foreign for higher studies but the importance and popularity of India is not low. I think that it was true that India is the Teacher of the whole world.
As far as Delhi is concern Delhi has a great heart and it welcomes all people with open heart. Every people who come here to make their life easier, Delhi gives them opportunities. And person, who grab it with both hand, be success in life. Delhi has another quality, it adopt you when you come here. You don’t know that when you also adopt Delhi and become a part of Delhi.

People of Delhi are fully professional and you could learn by them how to grow. And I am also learning from them. Their lifestyle is much disciplined. They use their every minute. In villages, people have work in particular season after that they have no work. They could not utilize their time and became unemployed. But in Delhi you can find a job after a little effort.

Well Delhi is very lucky for me. It gives me some good friends. And a way to grow.
Thanks Delhi….


  1. to gud but in this blog I have not got any new information about Delhi.We have all read about Delhi in History Please write something new . OK..............but which work u r doing to gud bye........................