Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dreams and We

Hello friends...

I m back again....

How r you all ? I know that you all r enjoying your lives.I am also happy with my life. It's going smooth. But I've to do a lot of work in my life.

We all have some dream and expectation from life. Actually all dreams are not really ours these are given by our well wishers and learn to live with it. when we born our parents and family members see a lot of dream and they have a lot of expectation with us.And i think these dreams show us a way to make our life. Some people says that they have a lot of expectation and they cannot bear it. I think this is wrong.

  When we grow with time these dreams supports us to stand and teach how to run on the road of life. Every one wants to fulfill their dreams and when he does he feels an strange feeling. But as far as my opinion is concern i think you can be happy when you fulfill your dream but whenever you fulfill those dream which you didn't see these were seen by your well wishers, you get a lot of happiness.

So, See dream and try to fulfill them, but give first priority to others dreams..... and make your life bless full.

Ok ..... Bye ...

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  1. hey dear dont mind but u need to improve ur english
    u write well no doubt but u need to improve ur eng for others to understand wht u wanna say so i hope ul take care of it in future
    good luck hopg to listen more in future from u