Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love... Life's most wonderful experience...

Hello Everyone.....

 I am back... with some question for you. Have You ever fall in love with someone in life....? I think most of you have a positive answer.

Can you tell me about the feelings of love ? I know that most of you have answer but don't want to tell anyone.
Love.... what a pleasant time of life !!  I personally feels that Love is nothing but its a part of our lives.there is no time is specify for Love. Everyone falls in Love in their lives. And I am sure that whenever you fall in Love with someone in life the life becomes more beautiful and you feels that your life has became more interesting and full of Joy.

Every body wants a true love in their life. but to find a true love is as difficult as to find pearls in the ocean. Did you know the meaning of true Love. I am telling you what a true love is. But at first we should know that what is Love.

Love means Feelings.
Love means Happiness.
Love means Sharing of Lives.
Love means Good Relationship.

I think you its not much to explain Love. B'coz Love is as huge as the world. We cannot bounds it in words. Love has no boundary.

Love changes our lives. Some people says that Love is just Time pass. I just want to tell them that they don't have true Love in their life. If you have true Love in your Life it gives a lot of pleasure. It support you in savior conditions. It shows the real path of Life.

But these days the meaning of Love is totally changed. People don't believe in Love. They think how any one can spent life with only one person in Life. Then take the example of your parents they are live together happily for life.

There is a big concern regarding Love is which person should Love...?

I have an answer. Please Don't Love persons which you like most. Love the person who Loves you most...

So think upon it.... and reply must.


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