Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Birth - Day

 Hello Friends....
First of all I want to wish myself a very Happy Birth - Day.

Today, on the eve of my Birth- Day I would like to worship my parents and god, and say thanks for every thing I've got in my life. I also want to thank all my relatives and specially my grand father, mother and maternal uncles. I would like to say special thanks to all my friends and you for standing with me at every stage of my life. 

Whenever I think abt my past life, I found I hvnt got enough in my life. But whatever I hv in my life it is nothing but your blesses. And I am really thankful to all of you. I think that another year of my life has passed and I got to do a lot in my life. 
When we  are born, there are lot of wishes and hopes  that are connected with us. We have to make all of those wishes  come true which are seen by our well wishers. And really is that it is hard to fulfill all dreams and hopes but we have to try best for them

So, I pray to God, 
O God... Give me the Power to fulfill those dreams.... Thanks


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