Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rememberance of The Golden Childhood days....

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 This time I just want to remember our those Golden Childhood Days

                    Childhood.. is not just a word it is a spirit, a booster for life and a golden treasure. when we think about it we feel a great pleasure and a works like a booster for our today's serious and professional lives. Today when our lives are being complicated, every face has a mask, and we are being busy in making our future bright. 

Hmmm let's go back in our childhood days and remember those time. When we examine our past time, we can find easily that it was amazing. there was no bound on our thoughts, no pressure for future, no worried and no limitation of our imagination. It was a time when we thought that every things in the world were true and pure. But now when we know that every thing in this world is covered by veils. It really hurts. In our childhood days when we had no idea about right or wrong. The world was so beautiful without worried. But when we can recognize whether it is right or wrong and things goes wrong and it hurts. 

Leave these sentimental matter, and let's remember those fun times, when we played in the mid day in noon, when we always had some excuse to not go to school, when we cried for every thing and quarrel with our siblings. When I think about it I feel a great pleasure. If God gives a chance for boon, I am sure that I would like my childhood back. When we did mistakes and people said, "Jane bhi do Bachha hai...".
When we were child we had no worry to be pass or no tension to be fail.  Life was full of fun.

But today, when we know that those days will never back...  Now we have only those sweet memories and don't forget it. When we depress, we should think about those days. It helps us to say bye to tension....
"Bachpan Ke Dukh Kitne Ache Hote Thay
Tub Dil Nahin Sirf Khilone Toota Karte Thay
Wo Khushiyaan Bhi Najaane Kaisi Khushiyaan Thi
Titli Ke Par Noch Ke Uchla Karte Thay
Paaoun Maar Ke Khud Baarish Ke Paani Main
Khud Apni Kashti Dubooya Karte Thay
Ab Sochein To Chot Si Parti Hai Dil Pe
Rait Par Gharonde Bana Kar Khud Tora Karte Thay
Chote Thay To Makr_O_Faraib Bhi Chote Thay
Daana Daal Kar Chiriya Pakra Karte Thay
Apne Jall Jaane Ka Afsos Bhi Na Tha Humein
Jub Jalte Sholon Ko Tang Kiya Karte Thay
Khushboo Ke Urte Hi Kyun Murjha Gaye Phool
Kitne Bhole Pan Se Hum Poocha Karte Thay
Aaj Bhi Wo Taabeerein Lahoo Lahoo Rulaati Hain
Bachpan Main Jo Hum Sapne Dekha Karte Thay
Ab To Ek Aansoo Bhi Ruswa Kar Jaata Hai
Bachpan Main To Jee Bhar Ke Ro Liya Karte Thay

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