Sunday, September 12, 2010

Delhi and Rain,,,

Hi friends, 
        Sorry for the post after such a long time. I belive that you don't forget me. How is your rainy days. I hope that you are enjoying it a lot. The season of Love and Greenness. But Sometimes it becomes a big trouble for us. If you belongs to Delhi where Commonwealth Games will be held, you think that it is a very worst situation for us. People are facing a lot of trouble because of rain. The construction work makes it more worst. The Commonwealth Games are most effected due to rain. It is a big question in ffront of CWG Organization Committee and The Government to make the game a successful event. And It will be a better chance for them to hide their failure. Now, They can blame on rain for the failure of CWG.
        Forget it, and enjoy the season of love and greenness. Today, when I was coming from my office I enjoyed the rain. I was walking in the rain. And belive me it feels just Wow. It was amazing to walk on the road of Delhi in the rain. Try it..
At last Very Happy Rainy Season. and pray to god for the success of CWG.

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