Thursday, November 18, 2010

when love expressed.....

hello frenzzzzzzzzzzzz,

m back again after such a long time.... coz i was busy a little.. i m in the office while writing this, n after completing my daily work just go through the internet for searching something. while i was searching, i got this beautiful lines on a blog...... these lines r rally amazing n i like it. i hope you will also like it..

waiting for your precious comments....

here is those lines describing a boy's heart n the way which he purposed her...

"She: Hello
He : Just needed to talk to someone!

She: I'm there for you always.
He : I know.

She: What's wrong?
He : I like her so much, but I don't know what to do!

She: Just talk to her.
He : I don't think that's a good idea. She will never like me.

She: Don't say like that, you are really amazing.
He : Just want to tell her about my feelings..

She: Then why don’t you tell her?
He : I know she won't like me..

She: How can you be so sure?
He : Just like that, I feel so.

She: Well, I would suggest you to just tell her.
He : What should I tell her?

She: Tell her how you feel and how much you like her.
He : I kind of say that to her everyday!

She: What do you mean by that?
He : I love her and I'm always with her.

She: I can understand how you feel, I too have a somewhat similar problem. And I know he will never like me!
He : Hold on a sec, whom do you like?

She: There's this guy..
He : I am sure she won’t like me!

She: She surely does!
He : And how can you be so sure about that?

She: Just because, who wouldn't like a guy like you?
He : You..

She: I never thought you could be so wrong, I love you!
He : I love you too!

She: So tell me, are you going to talk to her?
He : I suppose I just did!"

Source[my journey of life]

ravi keshri


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