Friday, December 23, 2011

a part of ME..... :(

I didn't know what went wrong, what made her walk away?
I tried to figure out, but nothing she would say
For my questions pestered her, my tears made her embarrassed
I never wanted to be a priority, but a little love was all I expected

I still kept giving, giving in day and out
But all went in vain, when all she beheld were doubts
Doubts of an uncertain tomorrow, so she told me I have to go
My dreams,My wishes, My love were shattered in a single blow

I stood by the balcony looking into the thin air
I clung into her picture, crying silently so that no one can see,
All I begged my fate of, was a sight of hers
Occupied with things important, she had moved well in life

It was never tough for her, for I was another man by her side
She thought, I must be over here by then, least was she aware that I died each day
I moved out, I had forgotten how it felt being loved
I seek a place to pour my heart out, I looked below and above
When saw no place to confine, saw no place to cry my heart out

I kept walking, towards a dead end, against the fate I had enough fought
I reached the valley, stood there high, saw down the abyss  and looked behind
When I saw no one who would call me back, I late my body taken down by the wind

They located my body amidst the woods, with a note in my hand clutched tight
And a picture of her in my hand
It read "I will love you till I die",
Don't let her known of my death,
She might live life in guilt,
Just tell her I went to a place afar,
And though I loved her still"
I stood there while lay my corpse; a  kid asked me who he was
I told him "a part of me...."