Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have I Any Choice ??

It was a Sunday evening and I was sitting on one of the wooden bench of my neighborhood park staring at sky. There was something missing and I was trying to remember what it was. I saw few birds returning to their nest after a daylong food hunting mission. I asked myself why they are in the rush to reaching their homes, why they don’t sit on trees and relax for sometimes, and then I realized they had no choice. They had no choice rather than returning to their home. Then I asked myself what choice I have, return to home or struggle to make a home in this strange city. And flashback of my life was showing in front of my eyes like old black and white films.

As many more like me didn't have many choices in life. I came to this city when I had no choice left. Belonging to an average middle class I had no choice rather than come here and start making some money while studying. It was the first time when I realized I had no choice.

I started my classes and fell in love with a girl. I had no choice rather than falling in love with her. But I never know that I was being cheated. When I came to know about that I had no choice to take another way. It was second time when I had no choice.

After this heartbreak, I was started to focusing on my career as I had no choice. Now my parents want that I should be settled and have family with the girl they choose, I have no choice because never want to hurt them.

It is not my story, it is the story of all middle class people, they don’t have choice but they have to compromise with other choices.  For an average Indian boy like me life is all about fulfilling other’s choice rather than having one.


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