Saturday, June 1, 2013

Say Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with WeChat….. !!!

Yes this new communication app is like this. It is so much fun to use it with friends. With WeChat the texting became more interesting and fun. Its simple yet attractive voice chat solution which keeps it ahead from its counter parts.

I got introduced with it by a YouTube  video in which the gorgeous Pareeniti is featured. But that time I was looking at her and forgot to download this on my phone :) .. She was looking so much pretty that I couldn't think about other thing.

But one day in my office one of my colleague was using it. I asked her and she re-introduced me to this fantastic app. I just login to play store and download it on my Micromax Canvas2. Although, She didn't tell me much about its features. I started exploring this app and was quite surprised with features. 

When I install and setup this app on my phone then I got a notification from one of my friend who lives in Australia and it was a voice message. I was surprised with its so fast response. I never thought that I would talk to him over phone which is quite expensive ever. But I did and did it for FREE. 

When I have gone dipper to this wonderful app then I realized it is not just connect you with your phone’s contacts but you can also add many more people to my list. Its Look Around feature, Phone Shake feature and the unique ID are other way to connect with. We don’t need numbers to get connected through WeChat.
Its other feature which makes me amazed are its QR Code facility, by that I created my own QRcode and posted it on Facebook from where some of  my friends also connected with me. The other feature is its Live Chat which works like walkie-talkie or a general phone call. Its video chat feature is also amazing. For that you need to just visit and scan the QR code and you are ready for a video chat.

If you don’t satisfied with above written features then let me tell you about its emoticons. Similes of WeChat are not ordinary they are so much funny. You will do ROFL when your friend will send it to you.

With lots of features the main and most important part is, it is FREEEEEE… So what are you waiting for go and download it and say WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D 

Are you still wants me to explain after writing this then dude you must check WeChat's Youtube channel and I am more than sure after watching this video you will be searching for this app in your phone's store.

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